An Atlanta uncontested divorce is possible

Residents in the Atlanta area who are seeking or considering divorce may wish to consult with an Atlanta divorce lawyer. Often times, divorce can be a complicated issue and even an amicable divorce may quickly develop into a quagmire as both spouses seek to come to an agreement. However, with the assistance of an attorney, it may be possible to turn the tables and secure a favorable result.

Types of Divorce

Broadly speaking, there are two different kinds of divorce: no-fault divorce and at-fault divorce. In a no-fault divorce, there is no allegation or proof needed of fault on behalf of either party. However, specific rules apply to no-fault divorces, and a period of separation may well be required before seeking the divorce.

On the other hand, an at-fault divorce is where one party committed some act that is incompatible with marriage. The most common example is that of adultery, although grounds for an at-fault divorce may exist under any number of circumstances. To determine if it is possible to seek an at-fault divorce, a divorce lawyer in Atlanta can often help with assessing your legal options.

Uncontested Divorce

In many cases, the divorce may be the result of a mutual agreement between the spouses to dissolve the marriage. This is called an uncontested divorce, and it is often more cost effective and less stressful to go through than a confrontational divorce.

Typically, spouses are already in broad agreement about the terms of the divorce before consulting with an Atlanta divorce lawyer. An Atlanta uncontested divorce may thus be the best way to go, allowing the spouses to settle any remaining issues amicably as well as reducing any preexisting agreements to paper. If no dispute exists as to issues such as property division, child custody or spousal support, court involvement need only be minimal.

In Atlanta uncontested divorces, it is strongly advised to retain the assistance of an Atlanta divorce lawyer even the filing of an uncontested divorce may seem simple. In filing for a divorce and in writing the divorce agreement, it is important that any ambiguities be resolved before both spouses sign the applicable papers. Otherwise, they may have to return to court again in the future. Working with a divorce lawyer in Atlanta may thus be more cost effective in the long term.

Contact a lawyer today

If you are considering or seeking a divorce, it is often helpful to consult with an attorney from an Atlanta Divorce Law Firm to learn your rights and obligations. Moreover, the divorce process can often be complicated, and the judicial system has a language all its own that may seem confusing if not intimidating to those not well-versed in it. By working with an experienced attorney who has deep and extensive knowledge of divorce law, it may thus be possible to successfully navigate the court system with an aim toward securing a fair result. Moreover, in an uncontested divorce, a lawyer can help with ensuring that the resulting agreement is air-tight and will not cause legal troubles down the road.

Devil’s Advocate History’s Most Controversial Lawyers

Since the beginning of modern civilization, lawyers have been stigmatized as being liars, crooks and soulless hell-spawn sent to Earth to do the Devil’s bidding. And while not all lawyers fit this description – after all, there are always two sides to every trial – many lawyers seem to fit this stereotype quite comfortably.

Listed below are some of the more controversial lawyers that have haunted our judicial system and fought valiantly in the name of murder, rape and genocide – gathered conveniently in one place should the Devil ever go looking for an attorney.

Edward Joseph O’Hare – aka “Easy Eddie”

Behind every good gangster is a good lawyer. It then shouldn’t come as a surprise that notorious mobster Al Capone had a very, very good lawyer. And it should serve as a testament to this lawyer’s capabilities that after a successful career in murder, gun-running, racketeering and other general gangster activities, Al Capone was only captured on tax evasion – and only that because Easy Eddie turned Capone in himself – a move that would later prove to have been ill-advised since he was gunned down in a drive-by shooting several years later.

But during his time working with Mr. Capone, O’Hare enjoyed a luxurious lifestyle at the hands of his “colleagues” in Chicago. And though he may have taken missteps in the world of his career, his son did go on to win a Medal of Honor as a fighter pilot in World War II – and later got his name attached to what has now become one of the world’s biggest airports – Chicago O’Hare.

So next time you have a layover in Chicago, just remember that if it wasn’t for Easy Eddie, Chicago O’Hare might have been named after some other famous Chicago figure – maybe something like Chicago Obama.

Giovanni De Stefano

If the Devil was hiring, he might be very impressed with the resume of the infamous attorney Giovanni De Stefano, who has made it a point to represent warlords, murderers and even convicted serial killers. The Devil might even be impressed by the enthusiasm and sense of pride that Stefano takes in his work, as he made clear in a 2004 interview with the BBC when he expressed regret for not being able to represent the likes of Saddam Hussein and Adolph Hitler – at which point the Devil might tell his secretary to get Mr. Stefano on the phone.

Indeed, it’s Stefano’s unusual attraction to high-profile murder cases that has even earned him the nickname “The Devil’s Advocate” by many in the media. One example is the work he was doing on granting an appeal to Harold Shipman – one of Britain’s most notorious serial-killers. However, Shipman killed himself in prison shortly after the appeal was made which meant poor Stefano had to look elsewhere for another homicidal psychopath to exonerate.

But Stefano’s a strong man – even overcoming charges of fraud and questions into his qualifications as a lawyer- and most recently has been hard at work defending Blackwater employees from charges of killing civilians in Iraq, fighting the execution of Chemical Ali and even producing his own music such as with the 2007 album Seriously Single which sold over 40,000 albums.

Jacques Vergs

You may remember Vergs when he made the news a few years back for offering to represent Saddam Hussein in 2004. Though this opportunity ultimately fell through, Vergs has had no shortage of monsters to defend in his 50-year-long career representing terrorists, Nazi war criminals and genocidal maniacs.

Having risen to prominence by taking on some of the world’s most controversial criminals, Vergs is perhaps one of the world’s most notorious attorney’s – a status that he doesn’t shy away from, as evidenced by the title of his autobiography The Brilliant Bastard.

“The public is always quick to assign the label of ‘monster,'” Vergs said in an interview with Der Spiegel in 2008. “But monsters do not exist, just as there is no such thing as absolute evil. My clients are human beings- people with two eyes, two hands, a gender and emotions.”

Well, at least his clients have those things, because his client’s victims sure don’t!

Johnnie Cochran

Okay, while Johnnie Cochran might not have represented clients as thoroughly evil as some of the others on this list, his involvement in the questionable defense of high-profile celebrities has at least earned him a “dishonorable” mention.

Most people probably recognize him as the defense attorney in the wildly famous O.J. Simpson trial in which he is credited for having coined the pop-culture phrase “If the glove doesn’t fit, you must acquit!” Oh, and he’s also credited with having gotten OJ off the hook despite overwhelming evidence and extreme public outcry. Now, it might be unfair to question the court’s decision so casually – until you take into account that the same man he defended then went on to write a book called “If I Did It, Here’s How It Happened” and who was then recently arrested for armed robbery and kidnapping. But who am I to judge?

Aside from saving the ass of OJ, Cochran was considered the go-to lawyer of the rich and famous, defending the likes of Sean “Puffy” Combs, Snoop Dogg and even Michael Jackson. But I guess if you think about it, maybe he was just a big fan of music.

So ultimately how are we supposed to feel about these knights in shiny suits? It’s hard to tell – on the one hand, lawyers are integral to the proper functioning of the judicial system. But on the other hand, some of these guys are just dirt. Well, at least aspiring dictators, terrorists and psychopaths can rest easy knowing there are some people out there willing to defend them when their plans go awry – because I’m sure as hell not going to.

Procedure For Legal Separation In Ireland

Every year in Ireland, nearly 5000 married couples, on average, seek to get formal divorce. There are several ways to formalise the separation. Four prominent options for couples to get legally separated in Ireland, are – Annulment, Judicial Separation, Separation Agreement and divorce. Before getting a separation, it is important to choose the right way to end the marriage. Choosing the right procedure can make the process easier to handle and at the same time save time and money.

Understanding the Difference between Divorce and Legal Separation

Divorce is the ultimate way to end a marriage between two spouses but they get the chance to remarry in future. On the other hand, in legal separation the court outlines the rights and responsibilities of individual spouses living apart. They remain legally married even if they choose to live separately. Under legal separation couples cannot remarry until they are divorced as technically they are still married. Issues that can be addressed during legal separation in Ireland involve child custody and child support, division of assets and debts, spouse support, previous financial payments and maintenance cost if any.

Through legal separation it is possible to protect the interest of the spouse until they decide to file a divorce. The case goes to the court when a divorce is filed after a separation. The legal separation agreement is carried over to the divorce settlement agreement.

Ways to Achieve Legal Separation

There are essentially two chief ways to achieve legal separation. One way is to execute a Deed of Separation whereby both parties get independent legal advice. The terms of agreement can be adversarially negotiated between the lawyers. It can also be a part of Mediated Legal Separation by using the benefits of Mediation and Law. Mediated legal separation is the least costly and also the easiest way to get legally separated. However, such a solution is not suitable for cases dealing with intimidation or domestic violence.

Another way to get legal separation is through the order of the court. This is popularly known as Judicial Separation where the terms of legal separation are determined by the judge. There are several grounds to apply for judicial separation which are as follows:

One spouse should have committed adultery

One spouse should have behaved unreasonably for which it has become difficult for the other spouse to live with him or her

One of the spouses deserts the other one for at least one year at the time of application of legal separation

The spouses have lived separately from one another for at least three years till the time of application for legal separation

If the court considers that there is no normal marital relationship between the spouses for at least one year before the application of legal separation.
The document of Deed of Separation outlines the ways in which a couple can include specific details on the maintenance, property, pension and custody. The deed should be signed by both the spouse along with a witness in a formal legal document. To follow the right procedure and avoid any form of future confusion consult a family law solicitor.

Basically there are three ways to determine the Specifics of Separation

1. Spouses can work together through mediation in order to reach agreement which will be included in the legal document at a later stage
2. Solicitors appointed by each spouse can act on behalf of him or her and work to reach agreement. The adversarial negotiation process is finalised by the Deed of Separation or a Judicial Separation on consent
3. The Judge can take the initiative to solve the matter after determining the details of the case if the parties fail to agree on the terms of their separation

Legal separation in Ireland can be obtained even without visiting court. With the help of this process it is possible to save time and money. Not only that, it leaves the separated spouses with a better future relationship.

Legal Problem Solved By Bailbond in Oklahoma City

Life is unpredictable. You never know when the most innocent of circumstances can spiral out of control and you might find yourself in legal trouble. For instance, you moved out of one apartment in Oklahoma City and into another one in Midwest City. Your old roommate invited you over to watch a great DVD she just bought, but her mother called so she left you alone watching the movie in your old apartment. Someone called the police and said you were breaking and entering. The police arrived, didn’t believe your version of the events and took you into custody. Panic sets in and you wonder, how did this happen me, a law abiding-upstanding citizen. How do I get out of jail? You are booked and fingerprinted. You need a Bailbond in Oklahoma City.

Posting a bond is the easiest way to get out of jail. If the accused had to remain in jail until the case was adjudicated, it would be expensive for both taxpayers and the defendant. Remaining in jail would put a strain on the defendant’s family relationships and might cost him his job. The judge sets an amount for bail and the accused or his family enters into a contract with a bail bondsman who puts up the bond. A bond is money pledging that the accused person will appear in court each time he is summoned by the judge. The bail bondsman charges a nonrefundable fee for his services. In cases where large amounts of bail have been assigned by the court, the bail bondsman may require collateral such as a car, a boat or other property.ty.

As part of the agreement for the service, whoever signs the bail bond agrees that he or she will pay the entire amount of the bail if the accused person does not show up in court. Under normal circumstances the defendant comes to court, the case is resolved and the obligation to the bail bondsman is completed. The course of action if the defendant fails to attend his court dates is two-fold: (1) the bondsman begins legal proceedings to secure the collateral and (2) hires a bounty hunter to track down the truant defendant.

Bail bondsmen serve an important purpose in the judicial system. If the need for their services should unexpectedly arise, it’s important to know how to get out of jail.

Are you looking for Bailbond in Oklahoma City, contact Ken Boyer Bail Bonds. They provide professional and reliable bail bonding services. Visit them online!

Download Seven Pounds Full Movie – Available For Free Legally

Brace yourself this December, for some high emotional drama, as Columbia Picture present their latest film project, Seven Pounds.
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The movie boasts of having a few of the biggest names in the industry, which includes the likes of Will Smith, Rosario Dawson, Woody Harrelson and others. Download Seven Pounds Full Movie Legally is possible, read on to find out how.

The movie is about Ben (played by none other than Will Smith), an IRS agent who is completely defeated by the grief of loosing his wife to death, while at the same time the shadows of his past mistakes comes back to haunt him. Excessive anguish and depression, pushes him to the extent, where he wants to put an end to all his miseries by committing suicide. However, before doing that, he makes a decision of helping seven individuals who are struggling from a long time.

In the course of his action, fate brings Emily (played by Rosario Dawson) into his life, and he falls in love with her. Later he discovers that she has a heart disease, which poses a threat to her life. With so much happening around him Ben, falls into a dilemma regarding his intention about his suicide, and finally decides to move on with life.

The movie was promoted on five-city tour across United States, and has been screened once for a charity purpose. Initially the movie was mistaken as a thriller but later Director Gabriele Muccino cleared up the cloud in a press conference. The movie is due for release on the 19th of this month.

The critics are expecting this movie to do well, so in the initial days the theatres are expected to be packed. Therefore, it will do you good if you book your tickets in advance. However, you can also Download Seven Pounds Full Movie and watch it right in the comfort of your home, without having to pay a single cent for the entire experience. Wondering how? All you need to do is become a member of any reputed premium online movie library, and then you can see as many movies you want.

Here are some of the many reasons for you should Download Seven Pounds Full Movie:
You can watch the movie as many times, as per your wish.
The download speed is very fast.
The process is completely legal.
The picture and sound quality is par perfection.
Therefore, if you wish then you can Download Seven Pounds Full Movie from the following URL placed under this article.

Investigating Hassle-free Instruction Regarding Legal Transcription Resume Template

An actual choose network for instance editors, novelists combined with people continues to prefer filming his or her’s selection interviews or perhaps thought processes on Dictaphones performing cassettes. So that cassette tapes are generally not as useless seeing as people today think these are generally. For that matter, transcribers who will convert the tape straight into words come in noticeably require which enables it to command term a fantastic rate on the market. As a rule customers forget about to right away jump the cassette through just before they begin to persist film procedure.

Transcription taping solutions are also second-hand along the way and then you have to be sure that you the one that includes a pedal or perhaps something hands and fingers can easily consentrate on typing the knowledge.Throughout the time of, it is also recommended to vary the pace of your stick you’re using so that you can match your swiftness having to do with inputting. This helps someone to voice notes transcription variety the ideal related information. It also shows that you do not always keep rewinding and then breaching when you are keyboard skills.

The individual that is undoubtedly focusing on the interview also need to take note of the various terms which you’ll find suited for the particular mp3. When shopping for an email finder service supplier to try art to you personally, it’s a must to complete a good deal of basic research with a purpose to get the best in the industry. Always pick corporation that features a good history and allows helped years through the manufacturer to be that trustworthy facet.

Freelancing these facilities is definitely a procedure that is often extremely satisfying potential customers with states 10. products and services truly are a main, of which encounter new customers prospects regarding hours and / or timeline including cost efficient. It becomes an substantial key phrase in which entails transcribing of different forms of meeting in message file format within speediest time-frame, among them several game enthusiasts, a treadmill individual appointment many different, or possibly a group speak to.

Why Legal Advice Matters

Life is all about decisions! Our day to day life involves a lot of decision-making that could pertain to investments in property or financial products, filing income tax returns, matrimonial alliances, divorce, alimony, child support, adoption, separation, consumer matters, automobile claims, inheritance and many more. Anyone who is in the midst of taking a decision in any of the above matters must be well prepared. With easy access to information, things have become simpler; but without the support of a well-qualified and experienced legal advisor, one might not be able to use the available information in the most tactful manner.

Are we really adept at taking the right decision as and when required? Probably not! We need legal help in most matters. For instance, a person going through divorce would need suggestion on matters such as, alimony or child support. We need legal assistance in a multitude of matters. It is not always feasible to engage a different lawyer for each specialized area, as the expenses can be really high! In such cases, it makes more sense to get in touch with a law firm, which has expert lawyers in different verticals, on their panel. Like other professions, the legal profession is also highly specialized. A lawyer, who usually handles inheritance cases, might not be a good help in issues pertaining to business laws. Hence, it is essential to get appropriate legal help. A law firm usually gives access to specialised services of lawyers as per their domain expertise. Moreover, laws may vary from one region to another.

A legal advisor can offer apt legal assistance in all matters. It is always wise to hire a legal advisor for individuals and businesses. Engaging an efficient lawyer is a critical step in any business. It is important to consult a good business lawyer to get legal help in most aspects of a business. Whether it is basic compliance, copyright issues, corporate mergers, lawsuits, liability or anything else, a business lawyer can suggest you about business laws and proceedings. Even in individual matters, hiring a legal advisor is the best decision one can take. This ensures an easy access to all legal provisions. Be it insurance claims, tax issues, family disputes or any other concern, proper legal advice at the right time can resolve problems at an early stage, before they turn into bigger problems.

For individuals and businesses, it is advisable to seek the help of a good legal advisor, who has the expertise and acumen of dealing with court proceedings in a specific area and can offer customised and best suited legal help as per the client’s needs. One can avail the best legal consultancy services by engaging a law firm.


Jeff Bill has more than decade experience in handling legal matter for individual and business in Canada. The author has written various popular articles on Immigration solution, criminal defense as well as spouse sponsorship in Canada.

Rancho Cucamonga CA lawyer – How to get good ones!

Are you looking out for a good lawyer who can handle your case very well? Well is this is the case then here are certain important points that can help you get in touch with a good Rancho Cucamonga CA lawyer. A lawyer is an integral part of the society. They help you know the legalities of a country which are set by the government. It is very important for a human being to live in the society in an ethical and legal way. But many laws are still not known to people and in such a case many people make mistakes. Also some do mistakes knowingly and in such a situation they make others suffer which is not good for the society. This is the reason one will have to make sure that they at least have a good Rancho Cucamonga CA lawyer by their side that can protect them guide them and let them know what all things are legal and which are illegal.

The first things that you will have to look for while you are hiring the services of the Rancho Cucamonga CA lawyer is the educational qualifications of the lawyer, make sure that the lawyer has a great educational qualification. It makes a lot of difference in their service.

Also it is important that a well experienced lawyer should be approached. There are many lawyers in the market and everyone is good at their services. But only a good well experienced lawyer will be able to offer you with the satisfying services. They will have all traits to handle a situation if they have a good amount of experience. So make sure that you have a look at this feature too.

Make sure that if you are looking out for a Rancho Cucamonga CA lawyer for a specified purpose then it is better that you hire a professional. There are many lawyers who expertise in a particular field, like for examples, criminal lawyers, family lawyers, corporate lawyers, etc. so make sure that you hire an expert only it will make your work better.

Last but not the least you will have to check with the fees that is charged by the Rancho Cucamonga CA lawyer. This is a very important thing and you will have to make sure that you without fail clear out the fee structure of your lawyer. This will be better for future where disputes are likely to occur if monetary issues are there.

Requesting a Medical Marijuana Card – Experienced Legal Guidance in Michigan

Michigan law is very specific about the procedure to obtain a Medical Marijuana card, how the application should be filled out, and what medical reasons are clinically appropriate for a patient to receive this card. As with any controversial law concerning a normally -illegal- substance, there are always those who will try to take advantage someone’s situation and use it for their own advantage. Fraud can enter into the use of medical marijuana very easily. In your hour of need, you need the application and State approval expedited both in a timely manner and according to the law. For sure, you need the help of a qualified and approved Medical Marijuana physician and experienced legal guidance to sort through the many legal ramifications and developing and changing rules of Michigan’s Medical Marijuana Program.

Seeing the wrong, or fraudulent, Medical Marijuana physician can actually put you in legal jeopardy. If the physician is a legitimate provider, he/she will do a thorough examination, collect the necessary medical information, diagnoses and documentation from the patient, and sign the Medical Marijuana Recommendation legal form. The physician also has to be an approved MD or DO – not a Physician’s Assistant. Another potential fraud cue is if the patient receives a prescription for Marijuana from a provider. Medical Marijuana cannot be prescribed as such, with a regular prescription – it has to be requested as a Medical Cannabis (Marijuana) Recommendation. Medical Marijuana prescriptions are illegal, as it is a federally labeled Schedule 1 drug – which cannot be prescribed by medical doctors to their patients.

You also have to be under the direct care of a physician for your Medical Marijuana needs, or the physician who examines you and receives the necessary documentation and diagnoses and writes the recommendation has to assume care for you. Another potential danger signal is if you receive a Medical Marijuana Recommendation for more than one year, as they can only be recommended for one year.

Michigan has a legal Medical Marijuana Program, pursuant to the Medical Marijuana law passed in 2008, which allows you to receive Marijuana Recommendations from a certified physician, apply for a State-issued Medical Marijuana ID Card, and has card registry and renewal fees established. The program also provides protections to Marijuana ID Card registrants, and provides for the future rules regarding administration, qualifications, enforcement and penalties for any violations of the Michigan Medical Marihuana Act.

Requesting a Medical Marijuana card can be a confusing process at best for those who have serious illnesses that can be helped through the use of Medical Marijuana. At worst, a seriously ill person could find himself/herself in legal trouble if the Medical Marijuana Recommendation and Medical Marijuana ID Card are not acquired legally.

Contact the experience and legal expertise of Attorney Matthew T. Miller. for counsel – it is the wise thing to do! 231-726-3333.

Download Bolt Animation For Free – Legal Way

This Christmas season you can give your children a special gift- Bolt animated movie. Bolt is brought to the theaters by Walt Disney pictures from 21st November. This movie will be screened in flat as well as 3D formats.
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Your kids will definitely like this animated adventure with its visual stimulations enhanced by the latest technology. This movie also spreads the messages of honesty, faith and loyalty. It can be classified as a mild action adventure and you can watch it with your kids at home.

In this animation movie, Bolt (voice of John Travolta), a white German shepherd dog, acts in a hit TV show along with Penny (Miley Cyrus). Bolt believes that, he posses some extraordinary powers, like the character he plays in the TV show. Bolt gets accidentally shipped to New York City and is thrown in the road to face the rude ways of life.

Thus Bolt unfolds the frustrations of the dog that is thrown to the street from the comforts of the studio. Bolt befriends with an Alley cat (Susie Essman) and a house Hamster (Mark Walton) who helps Bolt to reunite with Penny. James Lipton plays the role of the director of the TV show. It is better to watch the 3D form because of the amazing special effects.

Your kids may be anxiously awaiting the release of Bolt. Just download Bolt animation for free and give a pleasant surprise to your kids. Getting Bolt downloaded is better because of the following reasons:
Your kid may not want to sit in the theatre for more than one and a half hours.
Adults as well as kids may want to see it many times and going to the theater every now and then is not possible.
Once you register in a legal download site you can download Bolt animation for free.
By spending less money and less time, you can fully enjoy the movie with your family and friends.
You can make a collection of downloaded movies once you pay a nominal membership fee.
So, grab your chance to download bolt animation for free and enjoy this Kiddies classic whenever you or your child wants. Your kid may wish to see it even after two or three years. All that you have to do to own the latest 3D animation movie is to download Bolt animation for free from a reputed site like the following site (in the resource box).